Graduation projects for engineering students

An engineering student and you have a graduation project

And looking for creativity

As we solved the problems of at least 2000 students during our trip in graduation projects, if you have a graduation project this semester, do not miss the opportunity and become one of them.

Your project will work with your hands under the supervision of the best engineers. We will provide you with a lab equipped with all the tools and an engineer with you throughout the chapter to follow you step by step

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General advice for starting your graduation project  :                                                                                    

When you choosing a graduation project idea, search for problems that most people faced and you can click here to get ideas.

Study the problem you want to solve through your graduation project well and identify the main points of the problem.

Create a plan to start the graduation project, commensurate with the time available for the graduation project, and do not choose a project idea that requires significant time that is not sufficient for the graduation project.

After studying the problem and drawing up the plan, determine the appropriate pieces for the graduation project

Choose suitable parts for your project with an affordable price and high efficiency. The most important point is its availability in the local market. You can search here.

Do not be late on working your graduation project because you will face many problems that will drain your time a lot.

Take pictures of each step you take in your project to include in your graduation project report.

Do not neglect the report and delay it until the end of the chapter, but do it in parallel with the project.

Install and operate systems and project in the best possible way and manner.

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