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  •  05/10/2020 12:08

يهدف مشروع اصنع شغلك إلى توفير فرص عمل حقيقية وابتكارية للمهندس الأردني

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  •  14/07/2020 17:21

معلومات كاملة عن مشروع اصنع شغلك

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  •  14/07/2020 16:31

هو مشروع ابتكاري هدفه تشغيل المهندسيين الاردنيين في مشاريع ابتكارية ليكونوا كاصحاب شركات ومشاريع حره بعيدا عن الوظائف .

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  •  16/04/2020 01:28

Smart System for Early Detection, Warning and Control Inside Buildings and Cities To Prevent The Spread of Corona virus (COVID-19 Disease)

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  •  16/04/2020 00:58

Develop smart devices and robots to deal with the Corona virus

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  •  15/04/2020 21:42

Over a month of study and planning, a specialized Jordanian team reached a sophisticated, multi-input smart system for early warning, control, and control against the spread of the Corona virus, which spreads fiercely globally, killing lives, striking the global economy and paralyzing movement, without vaccination or treatment.

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Spark Electronics is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative electronic devices and systems. The company dedicated to it, the idea of the company is based on innovation and creativity and to embed these two things in investment and financial productivity. The company started working officially on 2017 to be a leader in this field and the absence of a competitor in the Jordanian market, which led to attract people and support them morally. Now spark electronics company has many creativity product in many filed to solve problems  faced people daily such that :mobile charger machine, gas detector for house and sparky robot for marketing purpose.And In the field of training courses for engineering students and graduation projects.
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