Double BTS7960 43A H-bridge High-power Motor Driver module/smart car/ (B.2)

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  • This driver uses Infineon chips BTS7960 composed of high-power drive full H-bridge driver module with thermal over-current protection. Double BTS7960 H-bridge driver circuit, with a strong drive and braking, effectively isolating the microcontroller and motor driver! High-current 43A


Double BTS7960 large current (43 A) H bridge driver;

5V isolate with MCU, and effectively protect MCU;

5V power indicator on board;

voltage indication of motor driver output end;

can solder heat sink;



Just need four lines from MCU to driver module (GND. 5V. PWM1. PWM2);

isolation chip 5 V power supply (can share with MCU 5 V);

size: 4 * 5 * 1.2 cm;

Able to reverse the motor forward, two PWM input frequency up to 25kHZ;
two heat flow passing through an error signal output;
isolated chip 5V power supply (can be shared with the MCU 5V), can also use the on-board 5V supply;
the supply voltage 5.5V to 27V;