15 Apr

A specialized Jordanian team has, over a month of study and planning, reached a complex, multi-input smart system for early warning, control, and control against the spread of the Corona virus, which spreads fiercely globally to claim lives, to strike the global economy and paralyze the movement, without vaccination or treatment.

Engineer Mohamed Al-Wedyan, a specialist in mechatronics, founder and owner of Spark Company for E-Innovation and Robotics, stated that he had received a phone call about a month ago from the director of the Studies and Consultation Center at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Professor Muhammad Al-Farajat, who specializes in water geology and geophysics and the environment, and gave him an idea from several inputs And components and stages, including detection of the virus in the air, in addition to treating the affected air, and linking it with a preventive system to control and control quickly micro and micro levels, in hospitals, airports, shopping centers, places of worship, institutions, places of gatherings and various human activities, in addition to cities.

Eng. Al Wedyan, founder of the innovation company, added that a number of experts have been added by Professor Al-Farajat to the team after agreeing with them to complete the system stages, in the fields of molecular microbiology, pharmacy, air and environmental engineering, public safety, analytical chemistry and the environment, geographical information systems and remote sensing.

The valleys continued that the system can be designed and assembled with its various electronic units on the ground to work according to computerized inputs and special software codes for tracking, monitoring, controlling, controlling and treating air at the same time, as it needs light infrastructure, networks and wireless connectivity, in addition to materials, parts and electronic chips, in a harmonized framework with The local authorities of the city or country that adopts the system.

The team includes, according to M. Valleys Dr. Suhaila Ali Al-Shboul, Professor Muhammad Sanad Abu Darwish, President of Aqaba University of Technology, Dr. Muhannad Musaad from Al Al-Bayt University and Director of the Center for Research and Central Laboratories for Water and Environmental Analysis, and the engineer and expert Samer Malkawi, and GIS specialist Saed Abu Sunaina.

And the Director of Spark Development and Innovation Company M. Mohammed Al-Wedian that the team will promote and market the system globally to contract with a body that adopts its implementation and manufacture for its high cost, to convert it from complex designs, designs and software engineering codes into devices that work.

With regard to the project and its completion, the team commissioned engineer Mohamed Al Wedyan and, through Spark Electronics, to follow up on matters, technically and administratively, with the implementation of the universities law to which the team belongs.

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