Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) are used in Quadcopters and other types of Drones to control the speed of BLDC Motor. This 30A ESC can be power with LiPo Batteries (2S-3S) and can drive BLDC motors like the A2212, with a maximum current of 30A. The ESC is commonly used with A2212 BLDC motors rated for 1000kv, 1400kv or 2200kv. It also has BEC built-in which can provide regulated 5V with a maximum source current of 2A to power the flight controller and other modules. Specifications: Maximum current: 30A Peak Current: 40A <10sec BEC Voltage/Current: 5V/2A Auto Cut-Off feature at 2.9V/cell Dimensions: 45 x 24 x 9 Weight: 23g

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