Horti is a device you can use it to make your life green and fresh. Its main function is to take care of irrigation and lighting of your plant, you can use it in house ,work and When traveling. Horti supply a correct water for your plant for make it the best case greener .

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 Standard Box Includes

1 x Horti Device

1 x solar cell  12v .

1 x plug in 12v charger .

1 x Nozzle Holder

2 mt Hose

User's Manual.

Q- What is the size of Horti ?

A- 148 x 95 x 66 mm.

Q-I am going on vacation for 4 weeks, will horti water my plants for that long ?

A- Yes, Horti will work forever in door and outdoor(home garden)with. As long as you have a big watering can, your plants are under control.

Q- I have many plants at my home, should i buy many Horti ?

A- If your plants are in the same container and same type , you can use only 1 Horti  . But if they are away from each other you need to buy more than 1 Horti...

Q-How I can know the best degree of soil moisture of my plant ?

A- It will be with Horti paper  containing the appropriate moisture for all plants.

Q- Can i use it without Nozzle ?

A- Yes, you can use it with or without nozzle.

Q- Do i have to use hose in kit?

A- No, you can use any hose that fits to device.

Q: Do I get warranty for my Horti ?

A- Yes. We have one-year warranty for Horti.

 Q: What shall I do if it rains and i was use Horti  outdoor? 

A- Place a small umbrella over the device, but the solar cell waterproof.