Description: 3.3v Adapter Board For 24L01 Wireless Module Breakout Adapter For NRF24L01+ Wireless Module With On-Board 3.3V Regulator 3.3v Adapter Board for 24L01 Wireless Module (B.2)

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More Details

Allows for easy connection to Arduino "nRF24L01+" modules On-board AM

S1117-3.3 chip

Small power on SMD LED indicator

On-board 3.3V voltage regulator accepts your Arduino +5V supply and provides 3.3V for the attached "nRF24L01+" module

100% compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Wireless module operating voltage is generally 3.3v, while the ordinary 51 microcontroller 5v, this module is easy to shop wireless module with 51 single system board used in conjunction.

This module can be any one of 51 shop is directly connected to the system board, easy to use.

This is a simple socket board which is for 8 Pin NRF24L01 Wireless module.

Voltage Regulator Input Voltage (connected to VCC): 4.8V to 12V

Voltage Regulator Input Voltage Max: 15V (we recommend staying below 12V)