This is a HX1838 Infrared remote control receiving module can receive standard 38 KHZ modulation signals, by means of programming the Arduino or any suitable microcontroller, the remote control signal decoding operation can be realized, which can produce all kinds of remote control for robots and interactive work. Technical Specifications: Operating voltage: 7-5.5V. Frequency: 37.9KHZ. Receiving distance: 18Meter. Using inside and outside the double-shielded package structure. Anti-light, electromagnetic interference capability, built-in infrared dedicated IC Can in 500 LUX Light intensity to work properly. Widely used in: stereo, TV, VCR, disc players, set-top boxes, digital photo frame, car audio, remote control toys, satellite receiver, hard disk player, air conditioners, heaters, fans, lighting and other household appliances.

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