The MAX30102 module uses a red LED (660nm), infrared LED (880nm), and photodetector to approximate blood oxygen content and heart rate pulses. The sensor can be placed on a finger, wrist, or other area with significant blood flow to measure these parameters. The Main Parameters: LED peak wavelength: 660nm/880nm LED power supply voltage: 3.3~5V Detection signal type: light reflection signal (PPG) Output signal interface : I2C interface Communication interface voltage: 1.8~3.3V~5V (optional) Board reserved assembly hole size: 0.5 x 8.5mm Pin Description: VIN: main power input terminal 1.8-5V 3-bit pad: Select the pull-up level of the bus, depending on the pin master voltage, select 1.8v or 3_3v (this terminal contains 3.3V and above) SCL: the clock connected to the I2C bus; SDA: data connected to the I2C bus; INT: Interrupt pin of the MAX30102 chip; RD: RED LED ground terminal of MAX30102 chip, generally not connected; IRD: The IR LED ground of the MAX30102 chip is generally not connected; GND: Ground wire.

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