HC-SR501 Body Sensor Module Adjust IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Human Sensor Detector Module For Arduino M.(6*1)

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  • 100% Brand New.
  • PCB Dimensions: Approx. 32 x 24mm
  • Screw hole distance 28mmscrew aperture 2mm
  • Sensor lens size: (diameter): 23mm (default)
  • Operating voltage: DC5V to 20V
  • Static power consumption: 65 microamps
  • Level output: 3.3Vlow 0V
  • Delay time: adjustable (0.3 seconds to 18 seconds)
  • Blockade Time: 0.2 seconds.
  • Trigger Mode: L can not be repeatedH can be repeated default value H
  • Sensing range: less than 120 degree cone angle of less than 7 meters.
  • Operating temperature: -15 to +70 degrees.
  • Automatic induction: when someone enters its sensing range input highpeople leave the sensor range automatic delay off high. Output low.