16 Apr

A group of engineers has developed a device to sterilize people in crowded and public places and it will be installed on one of the gates of service departments or consumer institutions this week, as this device works to sterilize the entire human body and its clothes from any viruses or germs present on it using appropriate sterilization materials that were chosen so that they do not affect On the human body or its health.

This device comes in light of the outbreak of Qyros (Corona) in most countries of the world and its great and increasing spread among members of different societies, and the speed of its transmission from one person to another, in many ways, including mixing and contact, usually represented by the spray of sneezing and coughing, and then settling it on the bodies and after coming into contact with anyone other than Infected, it becomes a carrier of the virus until it comes into contact with the face, mouth, nose, or eyes, so the pregnant woman has the disease or touches another surface to contaminate it, and the surface becomes infected.

The innovation, according to the supervised engineers, is for people to enter it so that the device begins to sterilize the person automatically without the need to touch any button or place to operate, to ensure that there are no collective points of contact by the people who frequent the device for the sterilization process.

Upon completion of the sterilization process, the person exits the other side of the device completely sterilized.

They said that this innovation had been started because of the lack of materials and parts needed to start any other project and the difficulty of movement and movement in the current conditions of the curfew, as we cannot reach the workplaces to start accomplishing other innovations.

The other innovations, according to Al Bataina, are to conduct research and tests on them before, such as smart robots that operate human action, such as the robot that helps the medical staff, which does a number of different medical matters and that can be controlled remotely to reach the places of health isolation without the need to enter the nurse or doctor to the place of isolation It mixes with patients, other sterilization robots and smart devices that help reduce this virus.

He pointed out that these innovations come in cooperation between Spark Electronics and Techno, which are working in the field of designing and developing smart electronic systems and their automation, and a group of Jordanian engineers and thinkers put several ideas and do advanced research on them to formulate them to innovations that help reduce this virus.

They said that these innovations were developed to serve the country in order to preserve its security and health, and that Jordan be one of the first countries to overcome this epidemic to be a leader in the field of smart innovations in the world and in innovations that limit the spread of the Corona virus in the current situation.

They pointed out that they had accomplished several projects and innovations in partnership with private and public Jordanian universities and several other bodies in the field of smart systems and their development,

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